Coca-Cola Japan

Coca Cola Japan is the No. 1 soft drink company in Japan. GEORGIA, the company's canned coffee drink (which, incidentally, is named after Coca Cola's home state in the U.S.A.), is the top-selling brand across the whole coffee sector. Since its launch 34 years ago, GEORGIA has been a particular favorite with male office workers, but the diversification and fragmentation of consumer needs made it clear that the time had come to broaden the target audience by a brand revitalization.

With 'The True Satisfaction,' a new brand vision, as its starting point, Bravis went on to create a new brand logo, design system, and design management manual. The brand logo expresses the quality and aroma of GEORGIA beverages--the key product differentiator--through the O, which is steaming like a delicious and fragrant cup of coffee. This unusual treatment of the letter is designed to grab the attention of the consumer, and stay in their minds as part of the long-term brand equity. The new logo forms the core of the ever-expanding Georgia brand, and will play a crucial role not just in package design, but across all communication platforms.

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