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Aktio, the leader in the Japanese domestic market for construction machine rentals, decided to move into the rent-a-car business for both business and leisure use. As a result of this step, the company found its combined totals for construction, leisure and business vehicles made it the biggest operator in Japan, at least by this measure.

It turned to Bravis to develop the brand identity for the leisure side of the business. The brief was to develop an identity that was distinct from the traditional construction machinery business, but at the time leverages the trust the company had built up over four decades.

Aktio's corporate colors of red and black communicated this trustworthiness, while the logo was based on a stylized treatment of A and R, the first letters from Aktio Rent-a-car. The result was a brand identity that was urbane, sophisticated and strong. The first center opened in Tokyo's Edogawa ward on June 28, 2006.

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