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Well-known for its tagline 'Probably the best lager in the world,' Carlsberg is a global brand that originated in Denmark in the mid-nineteenth century. The company decided to launch a new global premium lager brand, Carlsberg Chill in mainland China before the rest of the world. Aimed at trendy young men between 23 and 28, the original bottle of the Chill was seen by consumers as new and original and generated plenty of buzz. But when the design of the can (released after the bottled version) was received less positively, Carlsberg turned to Bravis for a redesign. The brief was for a design that was new and fresh and communicated the brand values effectively.

The unique design created by Bravis features the Carlsberg Chill logo looking as though it has emerged on the side of an iced-up glass that someone has just wiped with their fingers. Care was taken to create a look that dovetailed neatly with the simple, modern look used in the bottle version of the product.

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