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Spark of Inspiration
Denso is one of the world's leading manufacturers of car electronic and electrical parts. While many Denso-produced items are shipped directly to the factories of major auto firms, some smaller items, such as spark plugs, filters and wipers, are retailed in car-repair shops. This means that, in addition to its core corporate presence, the Denso brand has a parallel presence as a retail brand. On packaging, the corporate mark was being applied differently in different countries with no regard to consistent expression. Denso therefore asked Bravis to develop a coherent brand identity system.

Creative Response
Bravis decided that there should be a clear distinction between the corporate mark for corporate use and the corporate mark for aftermarket use. We created strict guidelines about how and when the original corporate mark should be used, and then developed a new variant of the corporate mark exclusively for aftermarket products and functions. A bilingual manual explained the comprehensive design system to make sure that the Denso brand was communicated consistently across markets worldwide.

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- Brand Identity Manual
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