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Glaxo Smith Kline

The Symptoms of Success
CONTAC is a global brand of cold and flu medicine known for its long-lasting effects. In Japan it is advertised by a much-loved animated capsule figure, 'Mr. Contac.'

The brand features an extensive product range. In addition to categories targeting general cold and flu, nasal congestion and sore throat/cough, CONTAC also has strength options for early-stage, medium and heavy symptoms.

Bravis designed the entire CONTAC line-up in Japan. GSK also approached us when they wanted to add an anti-febrile drink to the CONTAC product family in 2011.

Creative Response
In order to express the idea of a hot drink that treats the chills typical of early-stage flu, Bravis added a warm orange gradation to the yellow category color. The two circular silver arrows evoke the passing of time to communicate the medicine's long-lasting effects. We also took care with the design of the sides of the package to achieve genuine 360° communication.

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