Conferencia de Fumi Sasada en Hitotsubashi University

Bravis president and CEO Fumi Sasada was invited to give a speech at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo on November 5, 2011. Hitotsubashi is one of Japan's top institutions of higher learning. The event was open to students and local residents.

Fumi's speech, 'Looking Inside the Package: Why you choose to buy what you buy,' explained the thinking that goes into developing a product package and the dramatic impact that good design can have on the fortunes of a brand.

Fumi concluded his speech with a case study covering the planning and package design for a fictitious product in line with the mission of Hitotsubashi University. He unveiled a selection of five mock-ups and the crowd voted for a winner to get a sense of how the development process works.

>> Five mock-ups (PDF)

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