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JR East Water Business

JR East is the largest of Japan's privatized railroad companies. It established a subsidiary called JR East Water Business that handles soft drinks and the vending machine sales business.

JR East previously had a mineral water brand called Oshimizu. The water itself came from inside a bullet train tunnel inside the Tanigawa mountain range. From AQUA represents Bravis's complete brand makeover for this mineral water.

By creating a strong and distinctive identity for the water from the Tanigawa mountain range, JR plans to build a brand with appeal in and beyond the world of stations and railroad cars.

The center of the label is a schematic depiction of the Tanigawa mountains which form the core of the brand story. The background colors send a positive message to the consumer, with the gentle gradation from blue to white expressing the cool purity of naturally filtered spring water. 'This is natural mineral water you can trust' says the design, which is simple, accessible and approachable to attract maximum consumer interest. JR East is planning to introduce From Aqua throughout Japan and build it into a nationwide mineral water brand.

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