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Katokichi's Takitate Gohan ('Freshly boiled rice') claims to combine the convenience of instant food with the freshness and taste of freshly cooked rice. The rice, which can be heated either in the microwave or a pan of boiling water, is 100% 'koshihikari', a super-premium Japanese rice.

The design started out with a rethink of the whole packaging system. Rather than emphasizing the individual packets of rice inside, the idea was to maximize the appeal of the external package which contains the individual rice sachets. This provided the opportunity to work on a larger surface area. Bravis reworked the package extensively to use the new space for maximum effect: the Takitate-Gohan logo was modified and a photograph was included to show just how delicious the rice was. The brush-drawn circle that surrounds the logo echoes the shapes of rice bowls, rice tubs and iron pots and unifies the character elements to send out a powerful message of tradition and quality.

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