• Kirin Acecook ICE+1
Kirin Acecook ICE+1

Kirin Acecook ICE+

Viet Nam Kirin Acecook Beverage

ICE+ is a thirst-quenching drink that went on sale in the Vietnamese market in 2011. It contains a uniquely vivid fruit taste (from natural fruit juice flash-frozen at -18°) while also supplying a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

ICE+ comes in two flavors: Citrus and Peach. It is sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout Vietnam.

ICE+ was positioned as a thirst-quenching drink to be eagerly gulped down. Bravis therefore created a cool and clean-looking design that projects messages of 'refreshment' and 'ice coldness.' The uptilted ICE+ logo suggests the speed with which the drink can slake your thirst.

We also stressed the fruit taste by featuring pictures of fruit very prominently.

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