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Rewriting History
Founded in the Meiji era, Kuretake started out making brushes, ink stones and other equipment for calligraphy and charcoal drawing. While continuing to produce its traditional product line, it has since diversified into marker pens, inks and craft-related items. To mark the 100th anniversary of its founding, Kuretake asked Bravis to create a new corporate identity that would position it as an innovative leader in writing, painting and drawing implements.

Creative Response
As a reference to the role of charcoal and ink in the company's history, Bravis selected black as the key color of the new visual identity. The typography is simple, strong, clean and precise to project a contemporary image. The initial K is divided into three parts, to express the three fields (writing, painting and drawing) in which Kurotake is active, with the orange circle and purple square alluding to the company's color pens and art and crafts products.The new visual identity succeeded in communicating Kuretake as a company that is always looking to the future. It continues to work with Bravis who developed the dynamic and fun logo for its successful line of occasion-specific scrapbooks.

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