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Schwarzkopf Henkel

Schwarzkopf & Henkel K.K. is the Japanese arm of Schwarzkopf & Henkel, a cosmetics giant active in 140 countries around the world. Its extensive product line-up is all designed to make lives more beautiful and pleasant, and Paon, a brand with more than 50 years of history behind it (dating, in fact, from the days when women seldom dyed their hair at all) helps retouch gray or white hair to its original color.

Paon Essence Rich is a retouch colorant with a floral fruity fragrance that repairs damage and gives moisture to hair. Bravis' design introduced a silver wave to evoke graying hair in the upper part of the package, but placed a photograph of a model as the centerpiece of the design to create a clear image of smooth, moist hair--without the slightest touch of gray.

Paon Sensity--the name is derived from the word "sensitive"--is a hair colorant that not only renders your hair black, smooth and shiny but does not damage it even with repeated uses, unlike many existing dyes. By using more natural ingredients, Sensity actually cuts the damage to hair by 25 per cent. Bravis reflected this focus on naturalness and gentleness by making a green leaf--a clear image of natural health and beauty--the key element of the package design.

Paon Shiragakakushi Mascara (literally, "gray-hair-concealing mascara") is a colorant that can be applied to difficult-to-dye whitening hair roots or patches of white. The package design is based around a soft curving wave shape, both in the background color of vigorous, youthful orange and in the woman's hair, to suggest a gentle, natural process of change.

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