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PiTaPa IC Card

Surutto Kansai

More Than a Travel Card
The use of prepaid IC card-based payment systems has taken off throughout Japan's sophisticated railway system. SurutoKansai, an alliance of 42 private bus and railway operators in western Japan, were planning the launch of a postpaid IC card that could be used for transport and shopping throughout the Kansai area. They needed a brand name and visual identity to communicate their new postpaid system which frees consumers from having to repeatedly recharge their cards, allowing them instead to pay by direct debit at the end of the month.

Creative Response
In developing the new brand, Bravis first created the 'PiTaPa' name. Meaning something like 'Just one quick touch, and - whoosh - you're through', this onomatopoeic Japanese name vividly conveys the speed and convenience of the 'Touch and Pay' system. Bravis then created a visual identity based around the letter 'P' and 'I' (referring to the IC technology) The rounded 'P' conjures up the idea of a seamless network made from multiple companies and their affiliated businesses, while the 'i', which looks like a person, makes clear that the system, high-tech though it is, is designed very much with people in mind.PiTaPa will be brought into service in spring of 2004 and is expected to make the lives of people in Kansai a great deal more convenient.

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