• Mint Shochu MIN+1
Mint Shochu MIN+1

Mint Shochu MIN+


Shochu is a distilled beverage made from barley, sweet potatoes or rice. Takarashuzo's MIN+ (pronounced 'Mintasu') is a novel mint-flavored interpretation of the drink. Takarashuzo asked Bravis to design a package that could help them forge a new niche in the shochu market.

The large, bold MIN+ logo sends a message that the drink goes well with (hence '+') anything, and can be enjoyed with meals, with soda, and so on.

Brilliant green mint leaves seem to be floating in the shochu. This ingenious and appetizing-looking graphic expresses what is special about MIN+ and actively excites consumer interest.

As MIN+ is targeted at men and women in their mid- to late twenties and thirties, we created a simple, stylish design with a thoroughly contemporary feel.

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