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Tokyo Stock Exchange

An Exchange of Identity
The Tokyo Stock Exchange, the world's third largest in terms of market capitalization, switched from a traditional trading floor to electronic trading in April 1999. The old stock exchange was replaced by Arrows, a new high-tech building with a stock market museum, a media center and a stage to host market-related events. The TSE wanted to mark this historic changeover with a new corporate symbol.

Creative Response
The symbol created by Bravis represents the dynamics of buying and selling with a pair of red arrows in flight. The bold red and black color scheme reflects the vigor and fundamental strength of the market, while the large upper case letters identify Tokyo as one of the world's major exchanges. Bravis also produced the logomark for Tokyo Arrows. Bright colors reflect the interesting nature of the events the building hosts, while the arrow-shape of the A refers back to the Tokyo Stock Exchange mark.

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