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TV Asahi Productions

Bringing Broadcasting Alive
Vivia is the production arm of TV Asahi, one of Japan's major private television stations. Founded in 1958, it marked its fortieth anniversary by changing its company name to Vivia and selected Bravis to create a new corporate mark.

Creative Response
The company name, based on the word 'vivid', clearly positions the firm as a maker of lively, interesting programs, so Bravis devised a mark that sent out (or should we say 'transmitted') the same message. The logotype is a mixture of upper and lower case, using the playful shape of the dotted i's to emphasize the symmetry of the 'ViVi-' part of the name. The tail of the final letter A is stretched out to make an arc motif, suggesting sound and images being beamed out to viewers. The combination of blue and green is used to suggest a firm that is active by both by day and by night, as well as one that makes a mixture of serious and light viewing.

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