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Ushio Denki Inc. is a Japanese company that specializes in light, not just for illumination but also for energy purposes. Its products are widely used in various cutting-edge fields and often have top market share globally.

But the company had a problem. Group companies in different countries and regions were handling the brand differently, resulting in severe fragmentation of the company's image.

Bravis responded by revising the design system of the USHIO Group logo to make sure it would be handled consistently on a global basis. This created a proper foundation for external communication of the USHIO brand. The design manual was published in Japanese, English, Chinese and Simplified Chinese and distributed to the group companies around the world, who now follow its guidelines.

Bravis went on to create a Brand Book. This encapsulates the tone and manner of the USHIO brand, at the same time as helping people understand what the brand really stands for. This Brand Book helped enormously with the internal aspects of branding..

After the USHIO Group Design Manual and Brand Book were distributed to group companies around the world, positive feedback poured in saying how much easier managing the brand had become thanks to having clear guidelines. This process contributed to awareness of the USHIO brand rising significantly throughout the company.

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