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Mor Chu Gaotang1

Mor Chu Gaotang


Ajinomoto, a leader in the seasoning business, has three brands on sale in the burgeoning Chinese market. These are Younong (Western-style soups), Hon-dashi (dried scallop flavor seasoning) and Mor Chu Gaotang, a seasoning made from real gaotang. Gaotang is a premium soup base made by slow simmering whole chicken, Jinhua ham, and pork and beef mince.

Bravis was responsible for the brand identity and package design of Mor Chu Gaotang. Our aim was to emphasize not just the convenience and ease-of-use of the product, but its quality and reliability too. For the background we used an appetizing picture of the transparent soup with a graphic element evocative of fragrant steam. The design works across different packaging formats and materials to project the brand in a forceful and appealing way.

- Brand Identity
- Package Design
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