• Chinese Family Circle Gift Set1
Chinese Family Circle Gift Set1

Chinese Family Circle Gift Set


Ajinomoto is one of the world's leading producers of food and amino acids with 30,000 employees and sales and operations bases in 23 countries around the world. Having started out as a manufacturer of the monosodium glutamate seasoning (actually called "aji no moto" in Japanese) back in 1909, the company has since expanded into a range of fields such as pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and animal feed.

As everyone knows, Japan is a culture in which gift giving is very important, and Ajinomoto asked Bravis to come up with a design for a gift box of its high-end Chinese dishes. To generate high expectations the moment the lid was removed from the box, Bravis selected the round tables often seen in high-end Chinese restaurants as the design motif while using a white background to set off the tempting photographs of the food and communicate the wide range of dishes.

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