• Amino Vital Guts Gear1
Amino Vital Guts Gear1

Amino Vital Guts Gear


Sportz Meanz Kidz
This is a jelly drink designed for fast-growing children. It gives kids the energy to do sports while also providing them with the nutrients they need to grow.

With the flavor of Muscat grape (very popular with Japanese children), the drink provides the energy of two bananas, and includes 130mg of calcium and 1500mg of amino acid.

Creative Response
Bravis selected blue as the key color because it suggests 'blue skies, clean water and refreshment.' The dynamic white 'G' element suggests activity while the yellow product logo with its black outline projects strength and power.

An icon in the top corner of the package efficiently summarizes the nutritional information, while the foreground features characters from the popular soccer cartoon Inazuma Eleven
('Lightning Eleven').

Overall, the design projects the concept of fighting spirit as expressed in the 'guts' part of the product name.

- Package Design
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