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Olive Oil Extra Virgin1

Olive Oil Extra Virgin


The full name of this Ajinomoto olive oil is Olive Oil Extra Virgin Shitei Noen no Shibori. The last four words of the name means 'pressed at specially designated farms,' and in their quest for quality, Ajinomoto not only sourced the product from the best growers, they took care that the oil never came into contact with air during transport or storage.

This oil was created as a limited edition gift product to respond to heightened consumer awareness about the health benefits of olive oil and the 'Mediterranean diet.'

To project a suitably upscale image Bravis used a rich olive green, shading from light to dark, as the background color. On this we placed a gold oblong panel--its shape reminiscent of the fruit and its color evoking quality--with the product name in strong uppercase lettering. Add to this the colorful graphic of the olives at the bottom, and the overall design acts as a bold statement of superior and trustworthy quality.

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