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Dressing Gift Set1

Dressing Gift Set


Going on Giving
While the tradition of giving simple dining-related gifts (things like cooking oil etc.) remains robust in Japan, it is not immune to decline. In a bid to reignite consumer interest in the practice, food maker Ajinomoto decided to combine this salad dressing gift set with a selection of suitable recipes. The idea was that the recipient gets not just a thing, but the opportunity to learn and to broaden their kitchen repertoire.

The set contained everything necessary to make dressing at home: two bottles of extra virgin olive oil, a bottle of balsamic vinegar and a mixing bottle.

Creative Response
To convey the concept of rethinking the traditional food gift box from the ground up, we deliberately used simple, uncolored cardboard as the material.

We also limited ourselves to two colors: black and white. This simplicity conveyed the naturalness of the ingredients and a sense of eco-responsibility. At the same time, the understated, slightly retro design also projected a sense of upscale quality, and the everyday enjoyment of family mealtimes.

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