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Less is More
Ajinomoto Plus is a brand of umami seasoning for the Korean market made from kelp, dried bonito and shiitake mushrooms. Its selling point is the ability to deliver the same punch as rival products with only half the quantity.

Korean competitor products all featured a red logo against a white background. Ajinomoto therefore asked us to create a design that managed to be distinctive while conforming to consumer expectations by sticking with the classic red and white combination.

Creative Response
Rather than go for a simple, red-only logo, we created a multicolor graphic evoking an enjoyable dining experience. It consists of a white logo against a red background and a white spoon scooping up orange soup.

A green element beneath the main graphic features the catch copy: 'Delicious taste with just 1/2 the quantity!' The green color accent also makes the package more eye-catching on the store shelf. The overall design is cheerful, lively and highly accessible.

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