• GABAN Grill Sauce1
GABAN Grill Sauce1

GABAN Grill Sauce


Gaban is a Malaysian company with over half a century of history in the herbs and spice business. Ajinomoto combined Gaban's expertise in spices with its own cooking know-how to create a restaurant-level European-style sauce for grilled meats.

The bottle features a large cap with an appetizing photograph showing the sauce being poured onto a piece of meat. Beside this is a big colored oval icon telling the consumer whether the sauce is for chicken or beef.

On the middle of the bottle is the familiar upper case GABAN Grill Series logo in blue and silver. Beneath this is a thinner golden strip with the descriptive name of the specific sauce (such as 'Cinnamon-scented Balsamic Vinegar Sauce). The two bands work together to let consumers know they can look forward to a special, distinctive sauce devised with input from world-class spice professionals.

Overall, the design is bold and projects a message of quality. Once the colored cap has been removed, the bottles would not look out of place on the tables of a smart restaurant.

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