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Amway Japan

A Japanese Woman in New York
Amway, the world leader in the person-to-person marketing business, wanted to create a new cosmetics brand targeted at young women. The product was modern, urban, sophisticated and international and was positioned as 'the cosmetic for young Japanese women who have made a success of it in New York City'.

Creative Response
Bravis developed a range of names covering different themes like 'Independent', 'International' and 'Urban'. 'Missism' was selected because, being a virtual palindrome, it was eye-catching even when perceived only as a pattern of letters. The 'Miss'- part of the name identifies the audience as young women, while the '-ism' suffix (as in 'Capitalism', 'Relativism') suggests independence of mind and strong adherence to one's own principles. The logomark, with the italicized 'i' is designed to look cool, sleek and modern.

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