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Kiri Cream Cheese1

Kiri Cream Cheese

Bel Japon

Bel Japon is the market leader in cream cheese and Kiri is its core cheese brand.

Bravis not only designed the packaging for the standard Kiri cream cheese, but developed the look for a new Herb & Garlic flavored variety, in a bid to strengthen and extend the brand. The introduction of the new packaging in 2006 gave a boost to sales, though the changes we made were modest, since we had to follow global guidelines on design. Since the Herb & Garlic cheese was a new variety, we followed the guidelines, but worked a sense of the excitement of novelty into the design.

While Kiri is a family brand that everyone from little children to adults can enjoy, the company was keen to create a new positioning for its cream cheese as something that can also be enjoyed as a snack while having a drink. To create this image of truly satisfying quality and extend the brand's range, Bravis radically changed the right-hand side of the package, adding a gold ribbon and a very realistic drawing of the cheese itself.

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