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Bel Japon

Belcube is a brand of bite-size creamy cheese cubes from France.

Bravis has been doing the package design for Belcube in Japan since 2006. In 2011, the company decided on a major change in Belcube's brand direction. In place of the old positioning as 'the perfect creamy cheese for snacks and nibbles,' it was now 'an authentic flavored cheese that is the perfect complement to wine.' The design renewal had to express this more concentrated focus.

To all flavor options other than plain we added a picture of wine being poured into a glass. This injected a note of dynamism while establishing a clear associative link between eating Belcube cheese and drinking wine. The picture of the little cubes heaped up in a martini glass highlights the shiny, colorful foil wrapping so distinctive to this brand and creates even more of a sparkling, fun atmosphere.

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