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AminoVITAL Amazon Water1

AminoVITAL Amazon Water


AminoVITAL is a highly functional amino acid supplement drink widely trusted by the Japanese consumer. aminoVITAL Amazon Water is an extension of the core brand, which adds Amazon fruits--popular in Japan because they have a nutritional value many times that of ordinary fruit--to the amino acid base to produce a sports drink that can rehydrate and reinvigorate you after your exertions. Since it includes fruits like acai, camu camu, guava, garana, banana and lemon (all of a grade recognized by Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture), it's no surprise that aminoVITAL Amazon Water is highly nutritious, but also has a unique and delicious taste.

The package designed by Bravis gives pride of place to the widely trusted aminoVITAL logo. The power of the Amazon fruits that have grown beneath a scorching sun is expressed by a warm orange background color. Pictures of the fruit show what the ingredients are in a simple, direct way, while the slogan 'Amino acid x Amazon Fruit' and 'Feel-good Rehydration' express the functional benefits of the drink.

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