• Calpis Sparkling Lime1
Calpis Sparkling Lime1

Calpis Sparkling Lime


A refreshing low-calorie, lactic acid sparkling soft drink, Calpis Sparkling Lime is targeted at the adult market. It combines the signature tart taste and fresh bouquet of Calpis with the refreshingly bittersweet tang of the Mexico-grown Tahiti lime. It is sold in 425 ml bottle.

Bravis took care to communicate the product characteristics in an easy-to-understand way into the package design. In the center, there rises a line of fine bubbles to indicate that it is a carbonated drink; meanwhile, to make it clear this is a sharp-tasting beverage for adults, the package is in a metallic green--also evocative of lime--while the logotype and layout are chic and simple.

- Brand Identity
- Package Design
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