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Calpis Natuluce is a concentrate-based drink made by adding natural ingredients to Calpis, a popular non-carbonated soft drink produced by lactic acid fermentation. This series was designed to reconnect with adults who had stopped drinking Calpis with childhood.

There are two versions of the drink: one series is alcoholic and includes sake from specific parts of Japan; the other includes organically grown fruit.

To maximize the appeal of the all-natural ingredients, the whole label is given over to an illustration of the key natural ingredient such as blueberries or plums. This ingredient is also presented in verbal form on the central band. Since the name Natuluce is a portmanteau creation derived from 'Nature' and 'Luce' ('light' in Italian), the illustrations are more than just accurate representations: they are intended to communicate the health benefits of fruit that has been bathed in sunlight.

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