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Communication is a Two-way Street
Digitalscape provides staff to blue-chip companies in need of highly skilled digital creators. Despite the general sluggishness of the Japanese economy in the 1990s, Digitalscape had grown dramatically since its founding in 1995 and needed to develop a corporate statement to communicate itself more effectively internally and externally.

Creative Response
The challenge was to develop a slogan that could appeal to the staff whom DigitalScape place and to the companies in which it places them, while also serving as a rallying cry for the company's own staff. Bravis' research determined that creativity was the key quality that all the parties shared. The resulting tagline - 'Your Creativity is our Priority' ? is made memorable by its rhyme and visual balance. The typography, in which the letter 'i' is tweaked to resemble hito, the Japanese character for person, emphasizes the value that DigitalScape places on the creative powers of the individual, as well as the personalized service that it offers.

Business Benefit
The new tagline was incorporated into print literature and online promotion at the start of 2004,enabling DigitalScape to differentiate itself from less specialized staffing services.

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