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Electric Power Development

Power to the People
The Electric Power Development Company (EPDC) is a government-funded body responsible for supplying electric power to regional electricity companies at wholesale prices. In charge of constructing hydroelectric dams and coal-fired power stations, it currently runs a total of 67 power stations across Japan. The EPDC is shortly to be privatized. With a view to shedding its government agency image and attracting potential investors, it changed its name to the snappier J.Power, but still needed an arresting visual identity.

Creative Response
The corporate mark created by Bravis makes it clear that J.Power is a dynamic national champion, since the red of the letter J is the red of the rising sun from the Japanese flag. The arc between 'J' and 'Power' represents the sun rising above the horizon, and thus the harnessing of the power of nature. It also evokes the curve of the earth's surface to express J Power's aspirations to expand into foreign markets. The word 'Power' is in gray, a color that evokes commitment and professional expertise; the italicized upper case meanwhile suggests the sheer force of the 16 million kilowatts that the company generates.

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