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Formosa Biomedical Technology

Taiwan-based Formosa Biomedical Technology is a diversified manufacturer that produces household and industrial detergents, toiletries and cosmetics.

The Dr's Formula brand consists of products developed in tandem with the medical profession to address a range of everyday well-being-related issues. (For example, there is also Dr's Formula sweat-absorbent, body-odor-repressing underwear.)

When Bravis was asked to design the professional-use hair care and body care series, we created a very distinctive design with metallic colored stripes set against a matte black body. The visual impact of the design is multiplied when the product is arranged on the store shelf. The layout is clinical and efficient, with the metallic silver logo, product name and product description all neatly arranged against the background of stripes.

The strong, no-nonsense design projects a message of effectiveness and professionalism that sets the product apart from the ordinary run of toiletries.

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