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Ft Shiseido

The Marriage of Science and Style
'Sick house syndrome' caused by chemical substances in materials used in new buildings is becoming a major social problem in Japan, where houses and offices are torn down and rebuilt at a rapid rate. Shiseido Fine Toiletry, the personal care arm of cosmetics giant Shiseido, decided to address this market with a new range of products such as face masks, aerosol sprays, hand wipes and liquid soap.The products, although functional, would be designed and packaged in a stylish way appropriate to the Shiseido brand.

Creative Response

Creative Response
Prior to creating a name and package, Bravis worked with FT-Shiseido to develop an overall positioning statement. The phrase 'Stylish Science' was felt to combine the traditional Shiseido sense of style with the new brand promise of healthcare know-how. The minimalist packaging was thus designed to achieve a stylish 'medical chic' look, while the name 'Block It' communicates the protective function of the product range in the most straightforward way possible.

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- Package Design
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