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Aquafresh - Toothpaste

Glaxo Smith Kline

Headquartered in the U.K., GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

A toothpaste and toothbrush brand with a long history, Aquafresh was the world's first toothpaste to include fluorine to fight decay and a gel to freshen the breath. Recognizing the strength of the brand, GlaxoSmithKline leveraged Aquafresh into sub-brands like Extra Fresh and Protect.

Bravis has contributed to the burgeoning Aquafresh brand through its package designs for Aquafresh Extreme Clean, a sub-brand, as well as the original Aquafresh brand. Aquafresh Extreme Clean is a new concept in toothpaste, bursting into a micro-active foam that deep cleans your whole mouth, even in between teeth. Aquafresh Extreme Clean, meanwhile, adds tooth-whitening beads to the micro-active foam. Both products were launched in Japan in spring of 2007.

For Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening, Bravis used the highly distinctive blue and orange color combination of the basic Extreme Clean brand, but added extensive use of white to express the product's tooth-whitening benefits. The subtle gradation from white to blue evokes the rich and creamy feel of the micro-active foam in the mouth, while the handwritten "whitening" logo is dynamic and striking.

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