• Aquafresh ULTI-PLUS1
Aquafresh ULTI-PLUS1

Aquafresh ULTI-PLUS

Glaxo Smith Kline

GlaxoSmithKline's Aquafresh is one of the world's best-known toothpaste brands. Through Aquafresh GSK tries to raise awareness about dental health issues.

Ulti-Plus, a brand of toothpaste launched in 2010, is a case in point. Since 70% of our teeth are actually inside our gums, it's just as important to look after the invisible part of our teeth as the visible part. That was the thinking that inspired the creation of Ulti-Plus.

Bravis developed the package for the Japanese market based on the global design template.

We expressed the all-important brand concept of caring for the roots of the teeth through an icon featured at a large size at the top of the tube. From the icon emanate a series of concentric circles to convey the idea of health benefits fanning out. The blue background color includes a hexagon pattern suggestive of 'benefits results based on science' and, of course, gleaming white teeth.

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