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Tokyu Driving School1

Tokyu Driving School

Goto Ikuei

Tokyu Driving School will be moving to a new location in Karakida, Tama in December 2009. The school therefore wanted a new visual identity to help it win the goodwill of students and local people at its new address.

Based on a 'Driving School Oriented x Changing' design concept, Bravis developed an elegant and contemporary-looking symbol mark that expresses the idea of a 'pleasant, happy environment' and 'fruits' (also in the abstract sense of benefits, merits). We then expanded this into an entire visual identity system for all sorts of items in addition to the school's cars. The system included a plan for signage and a brand management manual to guarantee that the identity would be applied with consistency.

- Brand Identity
- Design System & Application
- Brand Identity Manual
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