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Brands and design play an essential role in building bridges between companies and ordinary consumers. Bravis International's history is a history of creating brands that successfully bring companies and consumers closer together. We want to help companies touch consumers' hearts and build positive relationships with them.

【Bravis President and CEO Fumi Sasada】
Fumi Sasada was born in western Japan, but attended high school and university in Los Angeles, USA. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena as a graphic and packaging major in 1975, Sasada joined the San Francisco office of Landor Associates. He returned to Japan as creative director of their Tokyo office in 1983 and was responsible for major corporate identity projects including Mizuno, Tokyo Gas, NEC and the Nagano Olympics. He was appointed Japan representative and deputy president of Landor Associates, Tokyo in 1992 and established Bravis International(the name is a fusion of the words 'brand'and'visual')in June 1996.With an in-depth knowledge of branding and design issues based on 30 years experience as a designer and a design director in the US, Japan and Asia, Sasada's passion for design remains undiminished. 'Whether for design or naming, when it comes to the number of directions we explore and the quality of creative work we offer,'he says, 'no one can beat Bravis.

【Prizes won by Fumi Sasada】
1978 Winner, Cover Design Contest, American Print Magazine
1978 Merit Prize, New York Art Directors'Club
1986 Runner up for Shokusan-Jutaku Sign Plan in the Metropolitan Tokyo Outdoor Advertising Contest
1992 Silver Medal for Actio CI plan in the CS Design Prize (Sign division)
1998 Ministry of Trade and Industry Prize for Kirin Gogo no Kocha (canned tea beverage) in the JPC
Competition sponsored by the Japan Print Industry Federation
1998 Gold medal in the BDA Gold Award Competition for NEC computer peripherals
1999 Gold Medal for Promise (consumer loan company) Sign in the 29th POPAI-JAPAN SHOW awards
2002 Silver Mermaid prize for Kirin Hyoketsu fruit drink in the Golden Mermaid Prize
2003 Special award for Kirin Hyoketsu from the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA)
2006 Division prize for Kagome's vegetable drink Yasai Ichinichi Kore Ippon from the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA)
2006 APD Shanghai prize for Kirin Hyoketsu at the APD Shanghai
2008 Tokyo Campanella, a chocolate wafer crisp, won the Gold Award in the 2008 Pentawards.
Mercian Eau de Vie, meanwhile, won a bronze award in the luxury category.
2011 Bravis won two bronze awards in the beverage category in the 2011 Pentawards.
The winning designs were for GEORGIA Ureshii Amasa no Mild Caf? Au Lait ('Delightfully Sweet Mild Caf? Au Lait') and Georgia Koku no Aru Black ('Full-Bodied Black').
2012 Bravis won the silver award in the beverage category of the 2012 Pentawards for SO Wellness Sparkling.
1984 Instructor in Art Faculty of Nihon Daigaku university.
1989 Member of PDC and on the jury for Asia region in the Gold Award
1993 Part-time professor at Aoyama Seizu Gakuin college
1993 Member of the Nagano Olympic Organizing Committee; On the board of the Official Poster Selection Committee
1996 Member of the Japan Package Design Association
1997 Member of the Japan CI Conference Group
1997 Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
1998 Member of the American Graphic Art Association
1998 Member of the U.S. Brand Design Association
2000 Member of Europe Package Design Association (PDA)
2006 President of the Japan Package Design Association (JPDA)
2007 PENTAWARDS: Jury member representing Japan

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