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Hitachi HouseTec

At Home in the Water
A part of the Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd, HitachiHousetec specializes in household technologies related to water, such as system kitchens, baths, showers and toilets. HitachiHousetec does not simply manufacture these items, it develops them, produces them, sells them through its own showrooms, then delivers them, installs them and provides after sales service too. It wanted a new corporate logo that would differentiate it by making clear that its expertise lay in water-centric elements of the home.

Creative Response
The visual element that Bravis selected as the symbol mark is a glistening drop of water which reappears as the dot over the final 'i' of Hitachi in the center of the logo. The water drop is a warm and playful shade of light blue, suggesting the pleasure and sense of well-being provided by Hitachi products. The dark blue selected for the typeface is a deliberate contrast, and has connotations of high-tech and efficiency that are reinforced by the sleek sans-serif font used.

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