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Hite Jinro(Korea)

Hite, South Korea's largest beer maker, launched Prime Max, an authentic beer made from 100% malt, in October 2006 with a package designed by Bravis.

Most Korean beers on the market use silver as the background color and place the brand name of the beer diagonally. Bravis, however, created a gold and white background to convey the rich taste of authentic beer, with the gold representing the beer itself, and the white part both representing the foam and evoking that delicious first sip. The ears of wheat bursting out of the text logo make clear that the beer is made of genuine malt.

To promote Prime Max, Hite created advertisements starring Jang Dong Gun, one of the most popular Korean actor, as well as a dedicated website (http://www.hite.com/). The combination of this advertising blitz with Bravis' highly original package design has really put Prime Max on the Korean beer map.

- Brand Identity
- Name Creation
- Package Design
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