• JINRO for Mainland China Market1
JINRO for Mainland China Market1

JINRO for Mainland China Market

Hite Jinro(Korea)

Baijiu ('white liquor') accounts for 35% of all alcohol sales in Mainland China and, at about 35% alcohol by volume, is six times stronger than beer. The Korean company Jinro sensed an opportunity here. Surely the Chinese would be interested in soju, a drink which at 20% ABV occupies the middle ground between baijiu and beer?

Jinro soju has a clean, fresh taste thanks to filtering through bamboo charcoal. Bravis expressed this unique feature by placing a grey bamboo stalk in the center of the label. We placed the large red number '20' at the base. Not only did this communicate the drink's strength level, it provided a vivid and eye-catching design accent.

The simple smoked-glass bottle combined soft curves and straight lines to express the smooth, clear taste of Jinro in visual terms. The gold of the cap and neck wrap meanwhile project a subtle sense of luxury.

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