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Hoshino Bussan

Cooking Up a New Brand
Japan is famous for its culture of gift giving and Hoshino Bussan, a specialist maker of high quality noodles, wanted to create boxed sets of udon (wheat) and soba (buckwheat) noodles to be given as traditional mid- and end-year presents. Bravis was asked to create brand names and designs for two box sets, one to be sold through department stores, the other through supermarkets.

Creative Response
Bravis' team of Japanese copywriters first developed original brand names - Honginzen (Best Premium Plate) for the department store package and Shunsaika (The Season's Finest) for the supermarket set. We then commissioned a calligraphy master to create the logos by writing the brand names with a brush in flowing kanji characters. The supermarket noodles came in a relatively simple package, but gold on a black textured background was used for the premium noodles which came in a wooden box to reinforce the message of tradition and quality.

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