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Soup de Okoge1

Soup de Okoge

House Foods

House's Soup de Okoge is a series of instant soups. Since the soups include bits of rice, they can either be enjoyed by themselves as a complete but modest meal, or enjoyed as a side dish to a meal.

House Foods entered this market in 2007 offering soups with new ingredients like glass noodles and pasta. Rewarded with steadily rising sales, the company has been broadening its line-up, and has pioneered this new okoge ('lightly burned rice') category.

Given that this was an entirely new product category, coming up with an easy-to-understand and accessible package was absolutely crucial. Bravis created a look with the sort of bright, healthy light feeling that appeals to the target market of women in their 20s and 30s. At the same time, the product name was printed in white on a black cloud shape to make the package visible in stores, and project the look and feel of a contemporary Chinese eatery. The black cloud rises naturally like a steam of fragrant steam from the soup pictured beneath, meaning that the product picture and product logo form a single indivisible unit. This creates maximum visual impact in a small area of print.

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