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Café Curry

House Foods

House Foods, a company with roots stretching back to 1913, began manufacturing curry in 1926. The new Café Curry brand targets young housewives and their families. It was specifically designed to reinvigorate the eating-curry-at-home experience, as the segment was starting to look a little tired. The product comes in two formats: a retort pouch which only needs to be heated up, and as curry roux, which is the best way to recreate the authentic 'curry café' experience at home.

In Japan, curry is enormously popular across all lines of age and gender. In consequence, the market is ferociously competitive with a great variety of products (both roux and retort types) jostling for attention on the store shelves. We made sure Café Curry would win the battle for eyeballs by giving it a new look that was quite different from its competitors. The package combines authenticity with the stylish, bright feel of a trendy café for an irresistible come-hither look.

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