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Founded in 1906 to market the original Corn Flakes, cereal specialist Kellogg's has been 'fueling better days for families' for over a century. All Bran is a crunchy wheat bran cereal high in dietary fiber. It comes in three varieties: All Bran Original (the highest in fiber); All Bran Bran Flakes Plain (sweet and crunchy); and All Bran Flakes Fruit Mix (with five types of fruit).

Since the original All Bran had the highest level of recognition among the three varieties, Kellogg's decided to rebuild and reinforce the brand family around the All Bran core, giving all three brands one common 'face.'

The first thing Bravis did was redo the All Brand logo. We expanded the logo panel, which is framed by an ear of wheat, to fill the box from one side to the other, thus boosting its visibility and sense of family togetherness. For the backgrounds, we used a warm, fragrant orange for All Bran, a vivid green for the Flakes, and colorful pictures of fruit for the Fruit Mix. We pushed the spoon and bowl far out into the foreground to create a sense of movement and project positive ideas of tastiness and healthfulness with greater forcefulness than before. We placed a panel at the bottom right of the box on all three flavors. In large type, it proclaims the percentage of daily fiber one serving can provide.

Turning the front panel of the box into a highly effective communications space ensured that we got the functional benefits of the cereal across effectively.

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