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A New Century
A New Image Best known to the public at large as a manufacturer of eyeglasses and contact lenses, Hoya has diversified to become a significant force in IT-related fields. As a leading maker of semiconductor photomasks, color filters for LCDs and other computer-related products, Hoya needed a new visual identity to present itself as the global high tech company that has evolved into.

Creative Response
The most prominent feature of the new group symbol Bravis created is the global arc (which appears as the crossbar of the initial H, and again as a design element below the name). This arc serves multiple purposes: it suggests a company with worldwide reach; its gentle curve evokes human warmth and kindness; meanwhile the sharp edges represent the spirit of confidence with which Hoya faces the 21st century. The solid-looking and well-balanced typeface makes it clear that the firm is trustworthy and professional, while the blue color connotes the future and precision technology.

Business Benefit
In the words of chairman and CEO Tetsuo Suzuki, the new corporate brand functions as 'the dynamic core of a strong brand that will energize and inspire the whole HOYA group, while also acting as its visual symbol'.

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