• Tokyo Pastello(2009 PENTAWARDS Winner)1
Tokyo Pastello(2009 PENTAWARDS Winner)1

Tokyo Pastello(2009 PENTAWARDS Winner)


Whenever the Japanese go off on a trip somewhere, custom obliges them to buy a little souvenir present (called an omiyage) at their destination to bring back to their family or colleagues.

I'll Co. created Tokyo Pastello as an omiyage brand especially for Tokyo Station, the main railway station in the capital. It uses vivid colors to express the idea of Tokyo as a city of discovery--a place where new and exciting experiences in music, art, shopping or business abound. This particular product is a very superior cookie, with softly baked slices of chocolate cake enclosing a delicious cream center.

The package we created exploits the strong contrast between black and the pastel colors to produce a highly original design. Its contemporary, youthful feel sets it apart from any other souvenir gift brand.

The colorful bar between the top and bottom of the black box visually expresses the idea of different flavor creams sandwiched between pieces of cake. We also extended the design, with its key colors of pink and black, to other key items such as bags.

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- Tokyo Pastello(2009 PENTAWARDS Winner)

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