• Daichi Ga Migaita Kireina Mizu1
Daichi Ga Migaita Kireina Mizu1

Daichi Ga Migaita Kireina Mizu

Japan Tobacco

In addition to its core product of cigarettes, Japan Tobacco also produces food and beverages. Daichi Ga Migaita Kireina Mizu--the name means something like 'Pure water that has been filtered through the earth'--is natural spring water that comes out of the ground in the Tanigawa Mountains and is bottled just as it is.

Wanting to create an image of spring water that has been purified as it forces its way up through the earth's strata, Bravis used a strong blue guaranteed to stand out in the vending machine line-up. The mixture of large and small characters in the product name and their slightly random positioning evokes the natural flow of gushing water.

- Package Design
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