• Arashibori Nashi (Mizore-nashi)1
Arashibori Nashi (Mizore-nashi)1

Arashibori Nashi (Mizore-nashi)

Japan Tobacco

Kajitsu-Taikan ('Fruit Sensation') is a line of fruit drinks from JT. A new technique that extracts the core taste of the fruit results in unprecedented fruitiness--and maximum enjoyment for the consumer. Kajitsu Taikan: Mizore-nashi originally went on sale in September 2008. It was well received, but JT decided to modify the flavor, and asked Bravis to renew the package design.

We decided to retain the name, which was inspired by the shape and color of a pear and designed to evoke the moment when your mouth is almost overflowing with the sheer freshness of the fruit. (Mizore means 'sleet,' so Mizore-nashi means something like 'Misty Pear Storm'). Our design projects an image of quality by combining handwritten letters with the outline of fruit on a stamp-like motif. The taste and texture of the pear is vividly suggested both by the fruit trees in the background and the 'grown in Japan' icon. The gold and white at the top and bottom of the can is a graphic evocation of the fruit's crunchy texture.

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