• Kajitsu-Taikan Rio Red1
Kajitsu-Taikan Rio Red1

Kajitsu-Taikan Rio Red

Japan Tobacco

Kajitsu-Taikan ('Fruit Sensation') is a line of fruit drinks from JT. A new technique that extracts the core taste of the fruit results in unprecedented fruitiness--and maximum enjoyment for the consumer. Rio Red, the third drink in the series to go on sale, is made from the juice and fruit pulp of the grapefruit, with all its healthy properties.

The Rio Red grapefruit is a variety grown in Texas, U.S.A. This drink enables you to enjoy not just the interplay of sweetness and acidity of the Rio Red, but its unique bitter taste and texture as well.

Bravis applied the texture of grapefruit skin to the whole bottlecan in order to express the concept of fruitiness as powerfully as possible. At the same time, a seal (it says "Includes fruit pulp" in Japanese) together with illustrations of a grapefruit and squeezer, make clear that the drink is wash with delicious, soft pulp. The bright green of the cap, the vivid yellow color of the body, and the vigorous red of the logo all work together to suggest extreme freshness.

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