• Kajitsu-Taikan: Tsubushi Ichigo Milk1
Kajitsu-Taikan: Tsubushi Ichigo Milk1

Kajitsu-Taikan: Tsubushi Ichigo Milk

Japan Tobacco

Kajitsu-Taikan ('Fruit Sensation') is a line of fruit drinks from JT. A new technique that extracts the core taste of the fruit results in unprecedented fruitiness--and maximum enjoyment for the consumer. This crushed strawberry milk was the second drink in the series to go on sale, and is so authentic that you can even enjoy the grainy texture of strawberry seeds. Overall the taste achieves a perfect balance between the bittersweet taste of strawberries and the richness and sweetness of concentrated milk..

The package design has a logo made up of the product name on top of an illustration of a strawberry, elements which together vividly evoke the drink's flavor. The mosaic-style pattern in the background suggests the well-balanced taste of milk (white) and strawberries (pink). The green ribbon around the cap and the top of the bottle can suggests that the drink is a gift from JT to the consumer. (In Japan fruit is a popular seasonal gift.)

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